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Founded in 2017, Crab Lovers Farms began as a typical small farm in the country. About 120m2 we raised a little Crab house of 5,000 crabs. In 2018, expanded our farm quadruple to house 20,000 crabs and with our own hatchery making it less time consuming to source and transport the crabs. Today, we are the largest Soft Shell Crab Farm in Singapore bringing more than 100kg of fresh and locally-produced soft shell crabs restaurants daily.


The company has also line-caught various crabs and fishes available for sales. Crab Lovers Farm created its Signature Catch brand in 2017 and is now a premier supplier of soft shell crab to distributors and restaurant chains.


Outstanding Quality Soft-shell Crab – Satisfying People


At Crab Lovers Farm, we produce soft shell crabs, which are so fresh and meaty, that every customer leaves our farm smiling.


F - Flexible customisation capability (Can do spirit)

R – Respect & Trust (Brotherhood spirit)

E – Equality & Equity (平等公平 All same & fair)

S – Strive to make a difference (Transformation)

H – Honest (Speak freely, speak what is in your mind, sincerity & Truthfulness)

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