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    How much crabs did Singapore imported annually?

    According to trade statistics, Singapore imports an average of 3,300,000 kilograms of mud crab per year in both live and chilled forms (10 tons daily). The high demand for mud crabs has led to concerns of over-exploitation. Mud crabs are currently being collected from the natural environment and grown in farms to a marketable size.


    How did Crab Lovers Farm address the environmental issues of Crab over-exploitation?

    The aim is to define the developmental processes for mud crabs; improving the survival rate of hatchlings and larvae. This could help to provide a sustainable supply of mud crabs and therefore reduce the strain on wild catch populations. Our farming innovation has fulfilled this calling.


    Soft shell crabs are dead crabs that are toxic, can it be eaten?

    Crabs live in water feeding on dead seafood bodies, which will make crab infect with certain bacteria in their bodies. Especially river crabs, they living in polluted rivers obtains a large number of bacteria inside and outside of their bodies. Live crabs can discharge the bacteria out of their bodies through metabolizing but once they were died, the bacteria inside the body will multiply and decompose crab meat and some bacteria is toxic. In addition, the crab body contains more histamine which is easy to be decomposed; especially the decomposition speed is quicker after crab died. The longer time crab died, the more histamine they have. When the number of histamine up to a certain level, it will cause people poisoned if they were eaten. The common symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea; seriously with dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, convulsions and even has shock, coma, and sepsis and so on.

    However, our soft shell crabs are freeze in a super low temperature when they are alive. It is the same like the crab is steamed when they are alive, that is to say, the bacteria in soft shell crab hasn’t been discharged when they are frozen. It is as safety as eating live crabs.

    Is it safe to consume frozen soft shell crabs?

    Only live, healthy soft shell crabs will be frozen, any dead soft shell crab is discarded. Freezing the soft shell crabs below -18 degree can preserve more than 2 years. 


    Do you sell to individuals or only distributors, restaurants and hotels?

    You can order our live or frozen soft shell crabs on our website.


    How do you grade soft shell crabs?

    We grade them by weight.


    Is a male or female soft shell crab better to eat?

    Both are great and their meat tastes just the same. Males have larger claws than females which some prefer, however many like females as their eggs can be used in dishes such as chilli crab to make a tasty sauce.


    Is there a season for Soft shell crabs?

    Soft shell crabs are available all year round in Crab Lovers Farm. Quantities available will vary according to production schedules and market demand, demand will be extreme high during the festival seasons.


    Do soft shell crab prices vary seasonally or as a result of supply and demand?

    The Crab Lovers Farm has a fixed price policy so that restaurants can cost their meals with certainty. However, the company reviews pricing every 3 months and will advise customers in advance of any proposed changes.


    What pack size is used?

    For the domestic market we use a cardboard carton that can hold approximately 1 kg of soft shell crab, however the exact weight of crab in each box is weighed accurately and recorded on the box.


    Do you sell any Live soft shell crab, other than frozen soft shell crabs?

    Live soft shell crab is the premium product that the company provides on special reservation request only. As we have limited daily stock and they are in high demand, hence it will be necessary for you to call us for reservation. However, live Soft shell crabs are hard to deliver hence we will require customer to self-collect.


    What is the best way to kill a live soft shell crab prior to cooking it?

    The recommended way to humanely kill a soft shell crab is to place it in a freezer for at least one hour. Dropping a soft shell crab into heat is not recommended, crab meat prepared in this manner may be tough as a result of stress and claws or legs will fall off.

    Crabs should be cooked no more than six hours after they are cleaned. 


    Is soft shell crab taste better then crab?

    Soft shell crab hold all the flavor of your everyday crab without any of the hassle of prying meat from its sharp, thick shell — basically, it’s seafood in its most perfect state. Not forgetting it super high contain of Calcium.


    What is the best way to cook soft shell crab?

    Soft-shell crabs are best eaten golden and crisp. If you try to boil them as you would a normal crab, they would just fall apart. 


    What's a soft crab? 

    When crabs grow, they develop a soft layer under their hard shell. When the soft layer is ready, they shed their hard shell and are completely soft for a short time. They will harden again if they're left in the water but they will stay soft if removed.  Instead of steaming them, soft crabs are most often fried and eaten whole - shell and all. When they're in season during the Spring and early Summer, we carry them live.  Cleaned and frozen soft crabs are available year-round. 


    How can I keep live, hard crabs fresh?

    Whether you've got a long drive ahead of you or you're hours from getting the key to your cottage, we understand that you might be concerned about traveling with live crabs and are here to help you get them home safely. 


    Crabs are remarkable animals and can live for several hours as long as they are kept in a cool, damp place. We recommend putting a layer of ice in the bottom of a cooler, placing a layer of newspaper over it, and putting your crabs on top. The air conditioning in your car/home will do in a pinch. We do not recommend placing them in the bed of a truck.  If that is your only option, place a bag of ice next to your bag of crabs.

    *The fridge will kill them as will leaving them in your hot car, dumping ice directly on them, leaving them belly up, or putting them in fresh water. If you aren't going to eat them until the next day, go back through them and throw away the dead ones. DO NOT EAT HARD CRABS THAT DIE BEFORE YOU COOK THEM.  They will not taste good and might make you sick.

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